Head of School Update – 5/9/14

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Head of School Update – 5/9/14

We had a wonderful week at PACS. Teachers were showered with gifts and food for Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you to all the parents, students and staff that helped to make it such an amazing week!  Lots of smiles were going around on Friday afternoon.

This was our first week of Scantron testing, and the scores are showing a great amount of growth. I have to say that our staff and students have worked so hard trying to ensure they reach their goals!  We will begin the PARCC Field Test next week in order to prepare for the coming years of testing.

Be sure to come to our informational meeting presented by Not MY Kid on Wednesday, May 14th at 5:30 PM – presented in Spanish.  This is always a great presentation and provides new information you can use to help protect your kids.

We will also have our annual Spring Play, High School Musical, Jr., on Thursday and Friday, directed by Ms. Reese.  Ms. Reese and the Drama Club always put on a great show.  It is so nice to see just how talented our kids are.  Each year it gets better and better.

Have a great Weekend,

Jim Mosley, Principal/Head of School

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