Academic Philosophy

We believe in our responsibility to partner with parents, creating a safe environment in which students from diverse backgrounds and of varied abilities can succeed. Our school features:

  • Fully-enclosed building providing a safe and nurturing environment
  • Small class sizes
  • More than an hour of small group instruction in reading and math in every grade, every day
  • Abundant classroom technology, including a laptop cart, Smart boards, and desktop computers in every classroom
  • Physical Education, Music, and Spanish language classes
  • Free, full-day kindergarten (Children must be 5 years old as of September 1)
  • Extended school day and extended school year
  • A uniform dress code
  • Personalized learning plans for each student
  • Highly qualified, passionate teachers
  • Well-established company with a 19-year track record

Student success stems from continuous and challenging instruction in all subjects. Phoenix Advantage Charter School combines the rigors of solid skill building in the core content areas of English/Language Arts, Math, Social Studies and Science.  Each student is also enrolled in Physical Education and Technology Class as part of the regular school day.

The barometers that gauge our school’s success include higher student standardized test scores, marked progress in the quality of performance-based assessments, improved student attendance, and retention as well as enhanced motivation, satisfaction, and morale on the part of students, teachers, and parents.

We hire, train, and are committed to retaining star teachers and talented leaders in educational management. All teachers are highly qualified, have teaching degrees, experienced individuals who have a strong sense of purpose, and a willingness to challenge themselves as life long learners, as they would challenge their students. They compel all students to excel by concentrating on engaging every child in learning and by holding students to high standards.

Because every child needs stability, continuity and a champion who believes in his or her human potential, Phoenix Advantage works to foster a close connection between home and school. Specifically, Phoenix Advantage works with parents and other adults with positive influence to improve attendance, to assist with homework, and to intercede at the first hint of difficulty.