Second Paragon Night with Second Grade

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On October 9th, 2014, we had our second Paragon Night for the 2014-15 school year. During the evening, Mr. Perez and Mrs. Tejada held a presentation for the Title One program before kicking off the event with a few teachers parading around a huge paper dragon for the audience! The second graders, who were the stars of the show for Paragon Night this month, used what they learned in this unit of Paragon to prepare both a play and a song to perform. They studied the culture of ancient China, and so their play was set in ancient China, called “The Empty Pot,” and they sang a song in Chinese!

The second graders did a phenomenal job and were met with raucous applause at the end of the event. We hope that Paragon Night next month will be just as exciting!

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 1

Mr. Perez and Mrs. Tejada going over the Title One program.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 2

Second grade showing their Chinese writings and beginning their performances.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 3

Teachers parading around the paper dragon.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Perez 008

Teachers parading around the paper dragon.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 4

The beginning of the second grade’s play, “The Empty Pot.”

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 5

A bit further into “The Empty Pot.”

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 6

During “The Empty Pot,” as the emperor passed out special seeds to all the people who wanted to succeed him as emperor.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 7

During “The Empty Pot,” a year after the emperor passed out the special seeds, all the potential successors presented the flowers they supposedly had grown from the seeds they were given.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 8

During “The Empty Pot,” the only person who had been honest about their failure to coax anything to grow from the seeds they were given, was crowned the next emperor, for being honest and courageous: the seeds had been boiled, and could not have grown after all.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Wood 9

The second grade sang a song in Chinese following the play.

2014-10-09 Paragon Night - Perez 013

Second grade singing their Chinese song for Paragon Night.


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