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  1. Outstanding, well-educated teachers who have graduated or are taking education classes from a University to become a teacher.
  2. Phoenix Advantage Charter School offers rigorous mathematics instruction for all students. Saxon Math involves teaching a new mathematical concept every day and constantly reviewing old concepts, which is especially important to students who struggle with retaining the math they previously learned.
    Our Reading Curriculum is Open Court Reading. Open Court provides all the tools a student needs to create a solid foundation for literacy success. Our program effectively improves reading, writing, and language arts skills development.
  3. Illuminate Benchmark Assessments used to adjust and meet individual students needs.
  4. Well-designed kindergarten model for a strong school foundation
  5. Plentiful learning resources and opportunities for hands-on learning
  6. Three technology labs with rigorous and fun instructional programs
  7. Science lab for experimentation in the upper grades.
  8. Art and Physical Education classes offered every day to every student.

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Social Support:

  1. Extended recess time and structured play time for exercise and mental acuity
  2. Partnered with Bags of Hope to provide students in need every Friday for weekend food support
  3. Health and nutritious snacks provided through the Fresh Fruit & Vegetable program and pre dinners provided by St Mary’s food bank.
  4. Small class sizes and smaller school environment – teachers and staff know the students
  5. Semester awards assemblies celebrating academics, character and improvement
  6. Telephone calls, notes home, emails, automatic dialing calls to ensure parent communication and involvement. Look for us on social media Instagram @phoenix_advantage and Facebook @scholarlyexpectations

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Emotional Support:

  1. MSW provides small group and individual counseling for students.
  2. Uniforms, school supplies and backpacks for students who cannot provide their own.
  3. Operation Santa – every student receives gifts during the Holiday Season
  4. Food boxes provided to families in need in our school community during the Holiday Season.
  5. MSW and Parent Liaison available to assist with families in need of clothes, food and shelter.

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